Miss Universe 2017 Live

By | November 25, 2017

This Sunday, Miss Universe 2017 Live. MANILA, Philippines — Excitement was high at the Miss Universe 2017 preliminary events, even as the venue for the national costume, swimsuit and evening-gown competitions was underwhelming. Miss Universe 2017 Stream, Miss Universe 2017 Live Free, Miss Universe 2017 Video, Miss Universe 2017 Video.

Miss Universe 2017 Live

The Miss Universe 2017 Organization has not released official videos and photographs from the proceedings, so this story is based on eye-witness accounts of fans, who were lucky to be at the events.

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The showcase of culture in dress form (and contraptions) at the national costume competition has no bearing on the preliminary scores, but it offers a glimpse into a contestant’s heritage and identity and can propel a candidate’s prospects.

66th Miss Universe 2017 Live

In the swimwear section, the contestants wore Yamamay designs in either black or white in two pieces, except for Misses British Virgin Islands, China, Guatemala, Egypt, Israel and Lebanon; and when there was uproar from her countrymen, Miss Iraq will switch to a one-piece suit at the finals.

The evening gown segment was when the audience knew who among the 92 candidates have the strongest stage presence, and therefore have the best chances to advance to the final rounds on November 26 (November 27, 8 a.m. in the Philippines).

The national costume competition was held on November 20 while the swimsuit and evening gown portions happened later on in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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With their stellar performances at these events, these candidates are the front-runners, so far. But, because the interviews were held behind closed doors, we have no idea who has the much-needed requirement of having excellent communication skills.


Best in National Costume Miss Universe 2017

The Asians and the Latinas take this more seriously, as they very well know that their lavish presentations can translate to tourism revenues for their countries.

Among fans’ favorites are:

Japan – Momoko Abe, Indonesia – Bunga Jelitha, Thailand – Maria Poonlertlarp, Myanmar – Zun Thansin, Venezuela – Keysi Sayago, Canada – Lauren Howe, Mexico – Denisse Franco, Nicaragua – Berenice Quesada, Spain – Sofia del Prado.


Miss Universe 2017 Best in Swimsuit

The models and athletes, with their toned physiques, have the advantage. But as the Miss Universe Organization, with its wholehearted embrace of body positive, also celebrates the more womanly Reuben-esque forms such as co-anchor Ashley Graham.

This batch has a fair share of full-figured women such as Miss Ecuador, Daniela Cepeda, taking over the mantle from 2016’s Sierra Bearchell of Canada, who finished in the Top 8.

The ones with the best figures, with some having the best walks except for the over-excited Miss Thailand, are:

Angola – Lauriela Martins, Brazil – Monalysa Alcântara, Colombia – Laura González, Croatia – Shanaelle Petty.

Indonesia – Bunga Jelitha, Israel – Adar Gandelsman, Italy – Maria Polverino, Mexico – Denisse Franco.

Peru – Prissila Howard, Philippines – Rachel Peters, Puerto Rico – Danna Hernández, Romania – Ioana Mihalache.

Saint Lucia – Louise Victor, Spain – Sofia del Prado, South Africa – Demi Leigh Nel-Peters, Venezuela – Keysi Sayago.


Miss Universe 2017 Live Stream

Best in Evening Gown

They were graceful in their evening gowns, though some of the gowns were not exactly the most beautiful. Venezuela, Philippines, Indonesia and Spain also slayed the runway in this portion. South Africa’s gown was a misstep though that might not hurt her chances at all.

These are the standouts according to pageant fans:

Australia – Olivia Rogers, Egypt – Farah Sedky, Finland – Michaela Söderholm, France – Alicia Aylies, Great Britain – Anna Burdzy.

Korea – Sewhee Cho, Lebanon – Jana Sader, Malta – Tiffani Pisani, Nepal – Nagma Shrestha, Netherlands – Nicky Opheij, Poland – Katarzyna Włodarek, Russia – Ksenia Alexandrova, Sri Lanka – Christina Peiris.

Tanzania – Lilian Maraule, Thailand – Maria Poonlertlarp, USA – Kára McCullough.

Joining Harvey is Ashley Graham who will be backstage to catch all the action behind the scenes. Miss Universe 2017 will air live on FOX starting at 7pm ET/PT and you will be able to live stream the